Shipping is always on us!

We love yoga!

We love colorful prints!

What we don’t love are those stinky, worn out, germ infested mats at our local yoga studio. Let’s be honest people – yoga is a dirty business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! #stretchitout and #sweatitout #everydamnday but for the love of savasana, practice hygiene!

High traffic Yoga mats are a hothouse for unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses, a result of bare feet, excessive sweat and moisture. Carrying your own mat to classes may reduce your chances of picking up a nasty bug but without proper disinfection and enough time to dry, you’re still sweeping up millions of smelly little microbes off studio floors.

Fret not my beautiful Yogis and Yoginis, we’ve created the perfect solution to your smelly, sweaty yoga problems! Yogi Skins puts a hygienic layer between you and your mat. They’re washable and lightweight so will happily travel with you to your studio (or on vacation! That’s right – Perfect for a white sandy beach!) We’ve added non-slip grips on both sides so it sticks to your mat AND keep your hands and feet in place.

Lay it out, get your flow on and don’t forget to breathe deeply!